The Woodland Beach Volunteer Fire Department is always looking for new members. We would love the opportunity to have you be a part of our extended family; below you will find the steps to becoming a member and the positions within our department.

Becoming A Member

The Application process is as follows:

  1. Print a copy of the application or stop by the station and fill one out.
  2. Return the completed application to the station or e-mail it to
  3. A member of the membership committee will contact you to set up an interview to go over your application.
  4. The companies Board Of Directors will vote on your membership application to whether approve, table, or deny your application.
  5. You will be required to attend our monthly membership meeting (Held at the station) where your application will be read to the general membership and voted on by the general body.
  6. If you are interested in becoming a responding member (going on 911 calls) you will be required to fill out a physical packet and get your finger prints completed.
  7. After all your paperwork comes back you will be permitted to sign up for classes that are 100% paid for by Anne Arundel County.

After successful completion of your classes you will be permitted to ride calls after being cleared by the Chief or other Officer of the company.

Positions Within Our Department

Ambulance Technician: Responds on medical calls on a Basic Life Support (BLS) unit (Ambulance). Calls include a variety of medical emergencies including major trauma and motor vehicle collisions. The following classes must be completed to achieve this rank and ride on 911 calls.

Emergency Medical Technician - Basic 131 hours
CPR/AED 8 hours total
HazMat Operations 24 hours
EMS Survival Skills (*not mandatory at this time) 16 hours

Probationary Firefighter / Red Stripe: Responds on a fire engine for calls which including medical and non-interior firefighting incidents. This is a very basic, entry level and limited position but it provides an opportunity to begin providing service to the community very quickly. The following classes must be completed to achieve this rank (and be able to respond on calls):

PERT (1st half of Firefighter I) 57 hours
HazMat Operations 24 hours
CPR/AED 8 hours total

Probationary Firefighter: Responds on a fire engine for all calls, including medical. This is an entry-level position that permits direct hands-on firefighting including interior structural firefighting. The following additional classes must be completed to be promoted to the rank of Probationary Firefighter:

Firefighter I 103 hours (less the 57 hours of PERT if completed already)

Firefighter I: Responds on all calls, including medical, on the engine and/or on a Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulance. Calls include medical, structure fires, motor vehicle collisions, brush fires, and many more. The following additional classes must be completed to be promoted to the rank of Firefighter I:

EMT-B 131 hours

Firefighter II: A firefighter II is basically the same as a Firefighter I, however, after completion of the course, you have the chance to act in a leadership role. For this rank, only Firefighter II (60 hours) must be completed.

Administrative Member: An Administrative member does not take training to ride the apparatus but assists the company with administrative matters and fundraising efforts. Includes positions as Hall Managers, Fundraising Chairperson, Bingo Committee, President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, etc. An Administrative member can also wish to not ride or wish to hold an office but wants to get involved. This person would assist with fundraisers and other company events as needed.

Cadet: Woodland Beach VFD offers a Cadet program that is offered to children between the ages on 13 and 16 who are interested. Children that join the Cadets will be instructed on the basics of fire fighting and C.P.R. Cadets will assist in fundraising and events as well. The overall goal of the WBVFD’s cadet program is to teach the members the basics for when they bridge over to a regular member and start their training. Cadets are required to attend the monthly meeting.

Membership Application